About This Site

At First
On the EM Rares part, i basically depend on texts and pics on the net especially UOSS.
All i have done is collect those information, verify in game, and built up this site. Its a hard work for me to manage rares database and to make near 1,500 item images.
Im willing to share rares information here like people do for me, but one thing i must say; Do not steal anything from my site, or you will be guard wracked.
You may quote, link to my articles and images without my permission only for noncommercial use.

About Me
Name: happyEND of Asuka or TramMoonWalker in UOSS.

Play: I started game in summer 2000, play on Asuka shard ever since. Also on Great Lakes since months after the transfer service. a few people there helped me to set up in the begining.
Recently, i sometimes play on Oceania as well.

House: One in Malas is a Museum but not open for public atm. In fact, it set to private for some reason when i finished decorating as a museum. I think the museum should be a secure home of rares. So, it still need some more careful preparation before open.


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